We started the day at the north coast of the island immerse into the Laurissilva’s forest with the MFF’s naturalist guides.

The weather was fantastic! We had a sunny day with a temperature of about 19ºC even though we are in middle winter which made it possible to absorb more of the island’s nature. The birds were singing, flying around, the plants had such a vibrant green colour and the levada’s water was shining!

We did the Hell’s River walk with a group of Swedish biology students and it was so interesting due to the explanations given by the guide about the species that live there. We saw lots of plants, lichens, fungi species and obviously birds! Some of the species were:


  • Regulus madeirensis – Madeira Firecrest (8);
  • Fringilla coelebs madeirensis – Madeira Chaffinch (9);
  • Motacilla cinerea schmitzi – Madeira’s Grey Wagtail (3);
  • Erithacus rubecula – Robin (1);
  • Turdus merula cabrerae – Macaronsian Black Bird (1);
  • Columba livia atlantis – Macaronesian rock pigeon (2);















  • Phyllis nobla – Bastard Hare’s ear;
  • Musschia wollastoni – Wollaston’s musschia;
  • Ocotea foetens – Madeira laurel;
  • Clethra arborea – Lily-of-the-valley tree;
  • Woodwardia radicans – Chain fern.


Join our next Hell’s River levada walk adventure. A stunning walk out of the beaten track, midst the Island’s lush pristine rain forest – Laurissilva – which is the unique Portuguese natural heritage and world heritage by UNESCO since 1999. Come and enjoy!